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Back in the Fray

Posted by Marjorie Signer on March 30, 2009

As many of you know, the Austin, Berry, Sidders Company took an 18 month hiatus while I was helping a local bank reorganize and jump-start their marketing department. Now that they are functioning smoothly, connecting with their marketplace and being rewarded by their customers, I am pleased to announce that Austin, Berry, Sidders is open once again and better than ever!

We have done a little bit of reevaluating and reorganizing, teamed up with a bevy of experts and have found at least a dozen new ways we can help our clients succeed.

Our website, www.austinberrysidders.com is in the process of being completely refashioned and we fully expect it to launch within the next 14 days. In the meantime (and for years to come) we hope you’ll find tips, tricks and nuggets a-plenty here that you can integrate into your business right away.

As we journey together, your comments are greatly anticipated and your questions even more appreciated. My number one priority is sharing what I’ve learned and honoring the time you spend reading by adding value to your business. Your participation is the only way we can ensure we’re giving you what you want!  

Talk to you soon,



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