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Over Looking the Easy Stuff. 3 things I bet you don’t do.

Posted by Marjorie Signer on April 14, 2009

Too often, I see businesses spending oodles of money on marketing but overlooking the the low cost options that produce great results.

Low Cost High Result Idea 1:

Use video in your website.

Producing a great video spot for your website can cost next to nothing but it can make a big difference for the profitability of your business. First of all, videos are engaging and are the best medium for telling your company’s story and showing your enthusiasm for your product or service. Secondly, videos can jump your website’s Google ranking, which makes your website even easier to find. Lastly, if you put a little fun and creativity into your video, you may find that people pass it around and share it with their friends, family and networks, giving you instant recognition, exposure and credibility.

Low Cost High Result Idea 2:

Use Plants(and no I don’t mean geraniums).

When a politician gives a speech, they often have people placed in the audience who are there to ask a specific question in a specific way that allows the speaker to make a particular point in such a way that sheds the best light on their position. In your business, you can plant testimonials and expose who your current customers are to help entice your prospects to have a favorable opinion of you.  

Low Cost High Results Idea 3

Show the Good, the Bad and the Changes.

Make your company’s customer feedback process transparent and highlight changes that you adopt based on the feedback your customers share with you. Customers love to do business with company’s that respect them and who take their feedback seriously. Give your customer’s a voice and show that your company is listening and you’ll leave our competition in the dust.


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