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5 Ways Businesses Build Customer Confidence Through Social Media

Posted by Marjorie Signer on May 14, 2009

My quick and dirty (although by no means complete) reason for why social media is important to businesses comes down to its ability to help company’s build consumer confidence. As promised, here are the top 5 ways social media contributes to small business and corporate America’s ability to create loyalty among their customers and create tipping points for prospects.

Reason #1 Heard You Today, Saw You Yesterday, I Expect To Find You Tomorrow

Customers see you everyday. As Woody Allen says, “80% of success is showing up.” Psychologically, we equate staying power with success and we tend to trust those we perceive as successful.

Reason #2 Honey, I Just Need You To Listen To Me…


Customers like to share their opinions. But they love to be listened to. In Bill Cates book Get More Referrals Now, he says that 95% of customers who have a complaint about a business or product will buy again simply because their concern was listened to and responded to quickly.

Reason #3 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not 

Social media tools allow for near-instant feedback. As a business owner, wouldn’t it be fabulous to know what your customers think of you and be able to respond to their needs immediately? That’s what I call service.

Reason #4 Ready, Aim, Fire…Try Again

Social media is a great platform for showing customers that you care and that you make changes to your business based on their opinions, needs and wants. Everybody’s human, businesses included, and nobody expects you to be perfect. Customers DO however, expect you to admit your mistakes and learn from them.

Reason #5 Oh You Mean People Actually Run This Company? 

Finally, engaging the world through social media helps to build trust by giving businesses (and here I’m talking to the humans behind the curtain) the opportunity to step through the veil and connect to customers and prospects as people rather than through the almighty corporate brand identity. I mean really, wouldn’t it be great if he next time you bought Tide to think to yourself, “Wow, I sure do love that mountain fresh scent Pete picked out for this new detergent line, I hope my daughter likes it as much as his” as opposed to “ahh, another hard earned dollar given to the faceless corporate machine.”


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What to do when you find yourself in a room full of people just like you.

Posted by Marjorie Signer on May 11, 2009

This Saturday, I had the good fortune of being invited to participate in the New Media Cincinnati unconference. This is a great group of 60+ technology mavens who are actively engaged in blogging, podcasting, internet streaming and building online networks of people who they can learn from and who can learn from them. Meetings are every second Saturday of the month and are free to attend. (Check out http://newmediacincinnati.com/ for more info) 

#newmediacincy discussion group

#newmediacincy discussion group

The advantage of spending time with these folks is that they are all familiar with the new media tools that are out there and everyday they find new ways to make the tools easier to use and more effective. And most importantly, they don’t hold their tips and tricks too close to their vest. If you know the right questions to ask, they will happily explain what they are doing, how they are doing it and what benefits they receive from their time.

For 99.9% of business owners today, the fact that this group is willing to share what they’ve learned is more than enough reason to clear a few hours in the ole’ schedule and attend the meetings. But as I walked between the different discussions, I noticed something very interesting. 

80% of those in attendance were Marketing professionals of some make or model. Another 10% were artists and graphic designers and the final 10% were computer programming gurus. Now granted these aren’t exact numbers and we certainly had some guests that were outside these three categories, but the point remains the same. Very few business owners are both aware of the group and understand the value it could bring to their business.

I find it interesting that even though the news is filled with reports of how social media and new media technologies are evolving and expanding and I don’t think anyone is out there arguing that they will prove to be a “flash in the pan,” traditional business owners are still reluctant to spend time really learning about the intricacies and nuances of these mediums and engage face-to face with people who are in deeply imbedded in the movement. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of time or a lack of awareness of the groups who have converged to discuss these topics that keeps traditional business owners away, but I believe the onus on us, the technologically savvy, to reach out and make a point of inviting non-geeks to join us.

Marketing has often been looked upon by CEOs as a necessary evil. A black art that rarely produces measurable results and often costs more than they want to spend, but social and new media has the power to change that perception. We now live in a brave new world that gives us the opportunity to use multiple levels of analytics and metrics to prove impact, but first we must show our friendly local businesses that the key to unlocking a flood of opportunity lies with their participation.

Join me in the movement to invite and include more good ole’ fashioned CEO’s in the technology movement. Together we can improve business opportunities across our economy, throughout our community and in our own shops.

Tweet about NewMediaCincy, make mention of it on LinkedIn and Facebook, but most importantly, reach out and have phone conversations, or better yet, stop by and see a business owner you know in person and personally invite them to join newmediacincinnati or another group like it and be involved with the revolution. Without all of us participating together, none of us will truly succeed.

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